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Tenants Info


Once you have found the perfect property and your offer has been accepted, we will start preparing the tenancy agreement and organising the logistics for your move-in day. The tenancy charges may vary, depending on the agreement we have with the landlord, so it is best to ask the Abbey Properties office dealing with your offer for a full break down of costs.



Our tenant charges


Working with you to find a property that matches your needs is a free service we carry out on behalf of our landlords. Once we have found a home for you to rent, our charges are:

Reference checks per person (by independent specialist)

£24 (incl. VAT)

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Reference checks for a guarantor (by independent specialist)

£24 (incl. VAT)

Contribution to tenancy agreement

£150 (excl. 20% VAT)

Inventory fee paid at check-in
(by independent specialist)

Dependent on size of the property

Extension and renewal documentation

No fees for renewals

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Change of tenancy: £25 (excluding 20% VAT)                                                                           


The tenancy agreement fee covers the administrative costs of creating a contract for the tenancy, as well the administration associated with holding your deposit with The Tenancy Deposit Scheme. The cost of referencing includes checking your credit status, previous employer, current or past landlords, and taking into account any other information to help assess the affordability of your tenancy application.

Ordinarily, the check-in fee is covered by the tenant and the check-out fee is covered by the landlord (this can vary) and includes the costs of conducting an inventory. 

Other bills, over and above your rent, will be explained for each individual property by one of our lettings experts.





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